Capturing the Harmony of Melia x Vinpearl in Vietnam

Client: Meliá Hotels International & Vinpearl (Vietnam)

Project Description

This project involved capturing the essence of the unique collaboration between Meliá Hotels International and Vinpearl, showcasing the synergy achieved in managing several Vietnamese resorts. The focus was on highlighting the:

  • Merging of two hospitality giants: Emphasize the successful collaboration between two established brands in the Vietnamese hospitality industry.
  • Spanish influence: Highlight the distinct touch and refined atmosphere brought by Meliá’s Spanish heritage, reflected in design elements and service standards.
  • Local Vietnamese essence: Showcase the preservation of Vinpearl’s commitment to incorporating local Vietnamese touches and cultural nuances.
  • Natural harmony: Demonstrate the continued emphasis on showcasing Vietnam’s natural beauty and integrating it seamlessly into the guest experience.

Key Points

  • Collaborative spirit: Highlight the successful partnership between Meliá and Vinpearl, emphasizing their combined strengths and expertise.
  • Distinctive blend: Showcase the unique fusion of Spanish influences and local Vietnamese traditions, creating a distinctive brand identity for the managed resorts.
  • Nature-centric approach: Demonstrate how both brands prioritize showcasing and integrating the natural beauty of Vietnam into the resorts.