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About Sb visual

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Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

SB-Photo Ltd. prides itself as one of the leaders in the industry specializing in the field of high-quality media advertising photography. We are extremely confident of providing latest technology and equipment together with decades of experience in taking inspiring shots allowing us to give our customers the best service. With our flexible end to end solutions, we hope to get the satisfaction from our customer base on the services we provide.

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    The art of photography is very popular all over the world, it becomes the best way for every company to introduce their products and services to customers.

    Especially the demand for Hotel and Resorts photography is rising day by day.

    To create an amazing photo is not just as simple as pick up the camera and take it, but to show the beauty and the true value of that object.

    SB-VISUAL is proud to be able to create those elite values.

    ” We don’t take pictures, We made it.”

    With that slogan, during over two decades in the field of Photography, Mr. Stephane – The Photographer that created many amazing photos not only for Fashion shoot (Since 2006) but also for advertising agencies in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, …

    Not just that, Stephane was well-known as the great photographer who can take many beautiful pictures for hotels and resorts all around the world.

    Some of his projects that need to be mentioned are Village Phu Quoc Resort, Sofitel Metropolis Hanoi, Raffles Maldives, Park Hyatt Saigon and many more.

    What makes Stephane B’s name is also the true value that makes Sb-Visual.

    We not only create beautiful images but also provide many services such as Photo Full production, Create The Ideas for Picture, Food Shooting, video production, Commercial photography, Portrait photography…).

    Contact us if you are looking for a professional team that can bring you the true values of every moment through photos. 

    Your satisfaction is our success

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