Capturing the Spanish Flair of Meliá Hotels in Vietnam

Client: Meliá Hotels International (Vietnam)

Project Description

This project involved capturing the essence of Meliá’s diverse hotel and resort portfolio across Vietnam. The goal was to showcase the unique blend of:

  • Spanish heritage: Featuring the distinct character and refined touch brought by Meliá’s Spanish origins, reflected in design elements and overall atmosphere.
  • Local Vietnamese influence: Highlighting the incorporation of authentic Vietnamese features and cultural nuances, creating a sense of place and fostering a connection to the local environment.
  • Emphasis on nature: Demonstrating Meliá’s commitment to showcasing the natural beauty of Vietnam, prioritizing the integration of nature into the hotel and resort settings.

Key Points

  • Diverse portfolio: Emphasize the variety of Meliá properties across Vietnam, catering to different locations and guest preferences.
  • Spanish-Vietnamese fusion: Highlight the unique synergy between Spanish influences and local Vietnamese touches, creating a distinctive brand experience.
  • Natural connection: Showcase how Meliá prioritizes natural elements and integrates them into the design and guest experience.