Capturing the Cinematic Journey of The Vietage Luxury Train

Client: The Vietage Luxury Train (Vietnam)

Project Description

This project involved capturing the essence of The Vietage Luxury Train, a unique travel experience offering unparalleled luxury amidst the captivating landscapes of Vietnam. The key was to showcase the train’s:

  • Cinematic allure: Employing a “movie mood” aesthetic to evoke a sense of adventure, romance, and timeless elegance, similar to classic travel films.
  • Unwavering luxury: Highlighting the exceptional design, amenities, and personalized service that define the Vietage experience.
  • Extensive portfolio and relevant experience: Mentioning SB Visual’s successful bid against other photographers, emphasizing your extensive portfolio and your expertise in “fashion” photography, which translated well to showcasing the train’s luxurious details.
  • Experience in confined spaces: Demonstrating your team’s ability to work effectively within the unique and potentially challenging setting of a moving train, drawing upon experience from previous projects like the Paradise Group cruise boat photoshoot in Halong Bay.
  • Collaborative effort: Acknowledging the successful collaboration with the art director to translate their vision into captivating visuals.

Key Points

  • Unique travel experience: Emphasize the Vietage’s distinct offering, going beyond just transportation to create a memorable journey.
  • Luxury redefined: Showcase the train’s opulent interiors, world-class service, and meticulous attention to detail.
    Expertise and collaboration: Highlight SB Visual’s qualifications and successful teamwork with the client.